Two factor authentication for ssh on Ubuntu server

Only using a password for ssh might make your server a target for ssh brute force password cracking. Adding two factor authentication for ssh on your Ubuntu server makes this a lot harder for potential hackers.

Google provides a tool called Google Authenticator, which is available for both Android and iOS. This tool acts as a code generator for the two factor authentication.

Every time you login via ssh, the server will prompt you for a code which you read from Google Authenticator.

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Howto install MediaWiki software on Ubuntu Server

This tutorial describes the installation process of MediaWiki on Ubuntu server. We assume you have already MySQL and Apache installed.

First we start installing the mediawiki software:

$ sudo apt-get install mediawiki

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DJ and mixing video tutorials

Since I started mixing with my Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Controller Edition, I’ve been searching for DJ and mixing tutorials. Youtube is a great source with lots of material. Below are three videos to get start with. Do you have any other suggestions? Feel free to post any in the comments!

5 Basic Dj Transitions Between 2 Songs

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Custom WordPress theme tutorial

I was looking into custom WordPress theme tutorials when a friend of mine pointed out this tutorial. It is very well written and covers the following topics:

  • Creating a Theme HTML Structure
  • Template and Directory Structure
  • The Header Template
  • The Index Template
  • The Single Post, Post Attachment, & 404 Templates
  • The Comments Template
  • The Search Template & The Page Template
  • The Archive, Author, Category & Tags Template
  • The Sidebar Template
  • Reset-Rebuild Theme CSS & Define Your Layouts

Quite complete, and definitely enough to get started in developing your own WordPress themes.

SPSS syntax: define numerics, strings and multiline comments

In SPSS you can program datasets in the SPSS syntax language. Unfortunately a lot of people working with SPSS do not really know how to use these syntax commands. A common way of using syntax is just do a “copy/paste” but barely knowing what the code really does. In order to solve this issue these series of SPSS syntax tutorials show, and explain how SPSS syntax can be used.

This tutorial is about how to define multiline comments, numeric and string variables in SPSS syntax code.

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OSX HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP duplex printing

When I started to use my HP Color LaserJet CM1312 MFP it turned out that manual duplex printing was not exactly working. Page 1 had page 7 on the back etc. The problem was that the printer prints its pages in opposite direction, starting with the last page. I spend lots of time seaching for a solution. I found this website, which descibes how to change your printer driver in order to print from 1 to n. Here are the steps you need to do…


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Readout sensors of an EEE Box running Ubuntu server

Quintin, a friend of mine, showed me a way to readout the sensors of my EEE Box in Ubuntu server.

The first step is to install the lm-sensors package

$ sudo apt-get install lm-sensors

Then you need to load the w83627ehf kernel module using

$ sudo modprobe w83627ehf

In order to have your sensors detected launch the command below and follow the steps shown (basically you can just press [enter] to each question).

$ sudo sensors-detect

Now you can readout your sensors by using the command

$ sensors

Remember if you want to load the w83627ehf module every time the sysem reboots, you need to update your /etc/rc.local with the line:

modprobe w83627ehf
readout of my sensors
readout of my sensors