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Free FPS: Battlefield Heroes

Free FPS: Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield heroes is a free cartoony first person shooter. From the Battlefield heroes site:

  • Battlefield Heroes™ is a free cartoon-style shooter for the PC
  • Combining classic gameplay with brand new innovations, it’s a totally new experience
  • Cartoon-style graphics bring the fun back to shooters
  • Third person camera so your Hero is centre-stage!
  • Create your own unique war Hero with extensive character customisation system
  • MMO-like special abilities add strategic depth to combat

Make sure to checkout the screenshots on the Battlefield heroes website.

Battlefield heroes logo
Retro gaming: DOS

Retro gaming: DOS

Remember the good old days? Sitting behind your 286 machine playing games on a monochrome screen? I do! Actually it was my very first “own” computer running DOS 6.0. I had only one problem: a lot of cool games failed to run. Later it turned out to be a problem that I had a monochrome screen, at least something with my old videocard.

The funny thing was the solution to this problem. I discovered once that I could play the games which first gave an error, if I had run the game “Wings of Fury” in advance…

Wings of Fury screenshot

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