Best Visual Studio Code (VSCode) extensions 2017

Best Visual Studio Code (VSCode) extensions 2017

First I used Sublime, then I switched to Atom and now Visual Studio Code (sometimes abbreviated as vscode) is my favourite editor for programming in Angular and Javascript. Visual Studio has a lot of extensions. This post list my favourite ones.

Atom One Dark Syntax Theme

As described in the previous paragraph I used Atom before. This plugin provides the Atom One Dark syntax theme for Visual Studio Code.

Auto Close Tag

One of the most annoying things in HTML is typing the close tag. This extension makes tags auto-close. So when you type <div> it automatically adds </div>.

Document This

This extension automatically adds JSDoc comments to your Typescript and Javascript files. I found it also working for Python.

Path Intellisense

This a great time saver. Remember when you have to include a certain file but your are not sure what the path is? This plugin saves you a lot of time since it autocompletes the paths for your includes.

SCSS Intellisense

The last one is a intellisense extension for SCSS. It helps with autocompletion and refactoring SCSS files.

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