Shrink Linux disk in Vmware fusion

Shrink Linux disk in Vmware fusion

When you use Vmware fusion for a while the virtual machine files could eat a lot of your disk space. Luckily Vmware fusion offers a process called disk shrinking. During this progress free disk space in your VM will be cleaned and the vmdk files will shrink.

Shrink Linux disk

For Linux you first need to boot your VM and have the Vmware tools installed. If you haven’t installed these tools you can install them via by choosing “Virtual Machine” -> “install Vmware tools” from the menubar.

Open a terminal and execute the following command:

$ vmware-toolbox-cmd disk shrink /

This will start the cleaning and shrinking process of your Linux disk.

Shrink Windows disk

Shrinking a Windows disk is quite easy in Vmware Fusion. You just select the your VM and a window like this appears:

Clean windows disk with vmware fusion

At the bottom in yellow you see the “reclaimable” amount of disk space. This is the space which is reserved in your vm but not used at the moment. If click the “clean up recommended” text a dialog pops up:

Shrink windows disk dialog

Press the “Clean up virtual machine” to start the cleaning progress.

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