Best Atom text editor packages 2015

Best Atom text editor packages 2015

A couple of years ago I used Textmate followed by Sublime Text for my web development work. Last year Atom from Github was a complete new player, which is now my favourite edtior. This post shows the Atom packages I am using for web development.

Atom text editor


One of the features I likes about Sublime Text was the columns selection (In Texmate this is called ‘Multiple Carets’ select). With the sublime-style-column-selection package you have this function in Atom as well.

Atom sublime-style-column-selection package

Angularjs package

If you are an Angular programmer the angularjs package got you covered. It Adds syntax highlighting and snippets to AngularJS in Atom.

AgnularJS Atom package

File-icons package

The file-icons package makes it easier to distinguish the different file types in the project tree.

File-icons Atom package

Tag package

The tag package allows you to easily insert close tags in your HTML. Another Sublime function mimicked in the Atom editor.

Atom tag package

Set-syntax package

With the set-syntax package you can set the syntax for a specific file via the CMD + shift + P menu.

Set syntax Atom package

Linter package

This is one of the must have Atom packages for developers. While coding the Linter package gives you feedback on your coding style. For example if you forget a closing brace or a semicolon this packages tells you immediately.


Linter-jscs package

Without Linter plugins the previous package is worthless. The Linter-jscs package is one of those plugins for Javascript developers. JSCS is the abbreviation of JavaScript Code Style. You can configure JSCS for your project in detail using over 60 validation rules. The plugin contains validation profiles of AirBnb, Crockford, Google, Grunt, jQuery, MDCS, node-style-guide, Wikimedia, WordPress and Yandex.

Linter JSCS Atom package

jscs-fixer package

The jscs-fixer package allows you to fix your coding style mistakes by a single click in your Atom editor.

jscs fixer package for Atom

Meteor-api package

This package allows the Atom editor to understand the Meteor syntax.

Meteor API package for Atom

Meteor snippets package

The Meteor-snippets package gives you tab completion for basic snippets to make meteor development faster in Atom.

More Atom packages

Still want more Atom packages? There is a package website with over 2.700 packages available.

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