The ng-conf Salt Lake City slides overview

The ng-conf Salt Lake City slides overview

Ng-conf 2015 in Salt Lake City is a conference about all AngularJS related subjects. This post shows all the presenters who have currently shared their slides.
All videos are available through the ng-conf 2015 youtube channel.

ng-conf 2015

Please drop any missing slides in the comments. So I am able to make this overview complete.


Welcome – Brad Green and Igor Minar
Slides / @bradlygreen and @igorminar


State of 1.x – Pawel Kozlowski and Lucas Galfaso
Slides / @pkozlowski_os and @lgalfaso

Creating Container Components with Web Components and Angular – Kara Erickson and Rachael L Moore
Slides / @karaforthewin and @morewry


Accessibility Design Made Easy – Julie Ralph


ngModelOptions in 5 minutes – Kent C. Dodds
Slides / @kentcdodds


Run digest cycle in web worker – Dr. Gleb Bahmutov PhD.
Slides / @bahmutov


Ionic + Angular: Superpowers for Mobile App Development – Adam Bradley
Slides / @adamdbradley



Keynote – Mi┼íko Hevery and Rado Kirov
Slides / @mhevery and @RadoKirov


Reactive all the things – Ben Lesh and Martin Gontovnikas
Slides / @benlesh and @mgonto


Better i18n for your Angular apps – Chirayu Krishnappa and Pascal Precht
Slides / @chirayuk and @PascalPrecht

Angular + React = Speed – Dave Smith
Slides / @djsmith42 / Angular 2 calendar example / Angular react directive example

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