The NG-NL Conference Amsterdam slides overview

The NG-NL Conference Amsterdam slides overview

At NG-NL Conference Amsterdam lots of presentations were given today. Below is a summary of the presenters sharing their slides online which are listed below.


Main Track

Building bridges, a talk about the Angular community – Aaron Frost
Slides / @js_dev

Videogular and the future of HTML5 video – Raúl Jiménez
Slides / @elecash

Lazy load anything using ocLazyLoad – Olivier Combe
Slides / @OCombe

Event Sourcing your AngularJS applications – Maurice de Beijer
Slides / @MauriceDB

Going global with AngularJS applications – Pawel Kozlowski
Slides / @pkozlowski_os

Domain Model Objects in AngularJS – Gert Hengeveld
Slides / @ghengeveld

How we made a mess of our Angular app – Dave Smith
Slides / @djsmith42

AngularJS/OAuth2-Talk – Manfred Steyer
Slides / @ManfredSteyer

angular-formly JavaScript powered forms – Kent C. Dodds
Slides / @kentcdodds

Side Track

Going hybrid with Angular, Ionic and PhoneGap – Martin Naumann
Slides / @g33konaut

The best Angular yet – Christoph Burgdorf and Pascal Precht
Slides / @cburgdorf and @PascalPrecht

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