Fronteers 2014 presentation overview

Fronteers 2014 presentation overview

During Fronteers 2014 lost of presentations were given, and when following #fronteers14 I saw many speakers sharing their presentations with the world.

Below is an overview of all the presentations accompanied by Twitter account of the speaker (use this Twitter list to follow them all).

You might also be interested in the Fronteers 2014 recap written by Rik Schennink.


Getting nowhere with Css best practices – Heydon Pickering
Slides / @heydonworks

Making Maps: The Role of Frontend Infrastructure at Etsy – Daniel Espeset
Slides / @danielespeset

Do we need to write markup? – Nathan Ford
Slides / @nathan_ford

Pushing the real-time web forward – Arnout Kazemier
Slides / @3rdEden

State of the Animation 2014 – Rachel Nabors
Slides / @rachelnabors

WebRTC: A front-end perspective – Shwetank Dixit
Slides / @shwetank

Offline-First – Alex Feyerke
Slides / @espylaub

Making Twitter UI Infrastructure – Nicolas Gallagher
Slides / @necolas

Optimizing web performance (Fronteers edition) – Dave Olsen
Slides / @dmolsen

Animating SVG with CSS and SMIL – Sara Soueidan
Slides / @SaraSoueidan

This is the web platform – Paul Kinlan
Slides / @Paul_Kinlan

Baking Accessibility In Using Agile – Meri Williams
Slides / @Geek_Manager

Choose your own JS adventure – Kyle Simpson
Slides / @getify

Dream big. Think small – Petro Salema
Slides / @petrosalema

Jam sessions

Login failed. Website authentication and UX – Frederic Hemberger
Slides / @fhemberger

CS Pages Media – Jan van Hellemond
Slides / @jvhellemond

Improving Smashing Magazine’s Performance, A Case-Study – Vitaly Friedman
Slides / @smashingmag

Sass: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility – Roy Tomeij
Slides / @roy

RemoteDebug everything! – Kenneth Auchenberg
Slides / @auchenberg

Erasing Borders Between Web Dev and Design – Robert Haritonov
Slides / @operatino

Colors and shapes – ideas for work with JavaScript syntax – Sergey Berezhnoy
Slides / @veged

New Developments in Web Accessibility – Eric Eggert
Slides / @yatil

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