Home security and domotica system: DOMO

Home security and domotica system: DOMO

DOMO is the prototype of an Arduino and Raspberry Pi based home security and domotica system.

I decided to develop both hard and software for this project. The final goal of DOMO is to provide an intruder detection system using motion detectors, and provide control over lights, sunscreen and heating system using relays and temperature sensors.

The server side software will be written in Node.js. This part of DOMO communicates with Arduino and processes all the sensor values and triggers the relays. I have chosen to run the backend on a Raspberry Pi.

The hardware is driven by an Arduino board. With little circuits the Arduino is capable of reading sensors (e.g. for temperature) and trigger relays. The Arduino is programmed with the Processing language.

DOMO provides a dashboard which controls all aspects of the system. This frontend isĀ  build on the Angular JS framework.


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