Speedup your Android Emulator with the x86 Atom System Image

Speedup your Android Emulator with the x86 Atom System Image

I sometimes use the Android Emulator for app development. The reason I use it sometimes is the slowness of the Android Emulator on my system. It took ages to boot and when it finally ran, the user interaction wasn’t quite smooth.

The origin for this problem resides in the ARM architecture which is used by the emulator. Emulating ARM on a x86 platform is very slow. To overcome this problem I often connect my “real” Android smartphone via USB which works a lot smoother than the Android Emulator on my Mac.

But now there is a solution for a smooth Android Emulator experience. Currently there is a Atom image available for the Android emulator. Which is native x68 and does not need the emulation like the ARM image.

You can also gain speed by installing the HAX (Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager) by Intel.

Use the following steps to create an Atom i386 Android Device. First open a console and navigate to your Android SDK folder and execute:

$ ./tools/android

Select the Intel x86 Atom System Image and click the “Install packages…” button


Create a new Android device by executing:

$ ./tools/android avd

From the device manager click the “new” button and set the following parameters.


Click the “OK” button to save the device. click “Start” to run your fresh Android x86 atom emulator and notice the speed improvement.

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