Social whisky network

Social whisky network is a social whisky network with a large amount of bottling and distillery information.

With you are able to manage your whisky collection online.

With just a few clicks, you are able to add whisky bottlings to your personal collection. It is even possible to set the amount of whisky left.

As a whisky collector you always have a bottling which you really want to have. offers you a personal wishlist on wich you can add these bottlings. With your whisky wishlist, you always know which whisky could be the next one to buy.

Which whisky did I drunk last year and with who? These kind of question answers via your personal whisky logbook. This whisky logbook enables you to write notes about when, where, why and with who you have drunk a whisky.

Beside writing logs your are able to write whisky reviews as well. When you write a review you can choose to just write a short summary or an extended tasting note. In this way other whisky fanatics are able to see why you like or dislike a certain whisky bottling.

Because uses adaptive design, it works seamless on desktop, tablet and  smartphones.


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