Assembling a custom Arduino starter kit

Assembling a custom Arduino starter kit

Buying an off the shelf Arduino starter kit could be very expensive. Instead I decided to assemble my own.

The last couple of months I have ordered lots of Arduino components. These components are the start of my custom Arduino starter kit. Next I will start posting experiments, which I later will bundle into an ebook. Below is a list of all the components used in my custom Arduino starter kit:

Custom Arduino kit components
1 5K Ohm linear taper rotary potentiometer 0,78
2 100pcs 5mm white red blue green yellow round LED 2,35
3 Arduino UNO (2011 Version) + USB2.0 Cable 14,57
4 840 Pin Breadboard + Jumper Wire Kit 11,76
5 Metal film resistor 1/4W assortment kit 8,57
6 74HC595 8 bit Shift Register DIP 16 0,78
7 DC 5V 4Phase 5-Wire Step Motor for Arduino 5,12
8 Nokia 5110 LCD display with backlight 7,00
9 Blue tactile momentary push button 2,33
10 Ethernet Shield W5100 15,71
11 9V 2.5mm Battery adapter for Arduino 0,96
12 40-pin 2.54mm male header 0,46
13 4050B Hex Buffer Converter Logic IC 1,77
14 DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor 2,82
15 Arduino Shield jumper cables 3,58
16 LED Dot Matrix Display 1,55
17 Arduino V2.0 Buzzer Module for Sensor Shield 2,14
18 Arduino V2.0 Button Module for Sensor Shield 1,52
19 Arduino Ultrasonic Module HC-SR04 Distance Sensor 2,52
20 Arduino Sensor Shield V5 6,12
21 Arduino Breadboard Jumper Cable Wire Kit 3,05
Total 95,46
Optional accessories
1 Component storage box 9,98
2 Extech EX330 multimeter 62,99

2 thoughts on “Assembling a custom Arduino starter kit

  1. Sorry for the late reply. Currently not so much. There were a few other projects which needed a higher priority. I was working on controlling a LED with my iPad via the ethernet shield which almost worked 🙂

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