Arduino component 10: Ethernet Shield W5100

Arduino component 10: Ethernet Shield W5100

Another cool component:

Component description
What? Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100
Why? This shield enables you to connect your Arduino to a ethernet network and creates lots of possibilities. For example, now we are able to read sensor data and access them through ethernet.
Price EUR 15,71
Shop Ebay / powerbase2015


Arduino Ethernet Shield W5100

2 thoughts on “Arduino component 10: Ethernet Shield W5100

  1. Thats awesome, instantly makes it a lot more accessible from web -> streaming sensor data to web apps! Is there enough ram / power to run an http like interface? Or do we still need a host like pi raspberry?

  2. It does 🙂 I already did some experiments, and was able to dim a LED with a jQuery UI slider. This experiment will appear on my blog one day for sure!

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