Remote access ASP.NET development server

Remote access ASP.NET development server

I am developing a web application which needs mobile access as well. In order to test this, I need to access the ASP.NET development server from my iOS device. Unfortunately the ASP.NET development server is only accessible from the localhost. This website describes an easy way to forward a port to from the ip adres to the development server.

First you need to download a free tool called rinetd which is available here.

When you have extracted the file to a folder you need to create a config file with the forwaring information. An example could be: 8080 65458

Save this file as rinetd.conf to the folder of rinetd.

Which mean you want to forward any data from port 8080 to port 65458, which is the port my ASP.NET development server is running. To start rinetd open a console and launch the following command:

rinetd.exe -c rinetd.conf

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