Fixing SFWordProcessing plugin error in OSX

Fixing SFWordProcessing plugin error in OSX

If for example Pages crashes telling you and error occurred with the SFWordProcessing plugin. The steps below might be a solution:

  1. Make sure all applications are closed!
  2. Open Font book.
  3. Scroll down to the Hoefler font and ctrl + click on it.
  4. Choose “Remove Hoefler Text Family”
  5. Download the new Hoefler font.
  6. Extract the file and place it in: Macintosh HD/Library/Fonts
  7. Launch Pages or iWeb and the everything should work as usual.

5 thoughts on “Fixing SFWordProcessing plugin error in OSX

  1. Hi, I have done this…several times and still no joy. Any other suggestions? thanks

  2. @d.reeves: I am sorry I have no more solutions. Did you Google the problem for other problems that might cause the error?

  3. I have wasted a hole day trying to google this. There is no help on the Apple site although similar complaints go back to around 2008. One other alternative I have come across is the use of italicised text causing the crash. Unfortunately my iBooks Author document will not stay open long enough to find and adjust the italicised text.

    However, I managed to get to File –> New and then close the file that caused the crash. Other iBook files have opened fine and the new one does not cause a crash.

    Any more thoughts anyone???

    Lion 10.7.2
    iBooks Author 1.1 (190)

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