Practising pentatonic scales on guitar

Practising pentatonic scales on guitar

Quite some time I am playing the guitar. I have an acoustic and electric one (a black Ibanez EXR-170 for those interested). A friend of mine recommended practicing pentatonic scales. I looked up some link and started practising, this improved my guitar solo skills for sure. Here are the links I found:

Overview of the pentatonic scales:

Backing music which can be used to practise solos

Video Tutorial

Ibanez EXR-170
Ibanez EXR-170

2 thoughts on “Practising pentatonic scales on guitar

  1. Wow nice research and practicing! Do you know all the pentatonic block positions on the neck yet? That will really help you rip out a shredding solo all the way over the neck 😉 I’m practicing the different scales now, maybe we’ll cover those next time, looking forward to it!

  2. Currently only playing Position 1 and practising the scale as shown in the video tutorial. I still need to figure out how to use the positions when playing in a key.

    So if I let say play in key of C to know where to grap Position 1 for example.

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