Samsung NC10 hardcase

Samsung NC10 hardcase

Last week I received my new Samsung NC10 hardcase. The softcase that came with the laptop did not seem to be that solid as expected which made me order another one. The Dutch website had a nice offer. For only 11,75 EUR they provided a nice looking case with foam which adopts the shape of the netbook.

Brand: Elecom
Type: 8.9″ Zeroshock III Notebook inner bag


4 thoughts on “Samsung NC10 hardcase

  1. Hey there,

    I’m wondering… For what purposes do you use your netbook? Can you watch online movies with it a little bit? And Flash animations? I’m also thinking about purchasing one. I would like to use it for checking mail (duh), some quick webprogramming (preferrably with Dreamweaver -> you think it’ll run dreamweaver?) and watching youtube etc.

    Do you think the netbook could do these tasks with ease?

    Kind regards,
    Jaap (

  2. I am using my netbook when I have to visit my customers in order to configure their routers etc. I can confirm though that watching a movie is possible (at least it worked with Linux).

    Using Dreamweaver is a little bit too much, though possible it might not work very confortable. I tried to run Visual Studio Express, it worked but the screen is far too small in order to be productive.

    Youtube works like a charm, I did not have any problems. Keep in mind that I use Kubuntu Linux as the operating system and not Windows.

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