Windows 7 and visual web developer express works

Windows 7 and visual web developer express works

In one of my previous post I wrote a bit about the upcoming Windows 7. One of the biggest problems was having a Windows 7 installation up and running, but without visual web developer express (VWD) working it was quite a useless operating system.

The main problem showed up when I opened a ASP.NET web application. Editing the C# source files was no problem at all, but as soon as I opened an .aspx file the whole program freezed.

As a web developer, having a working version of VWD is too important so I switched back to Windows Vista. Sometimes solving problems can be simple; today I decided to reinstall VWD and guess what? Works like a charm! 🙂


One thought on “Windows 7 and visual web developer express works

  1. Lucky you! I could not get it to run in Vista. I though by installing Windows 7 I might have better luck. This is not the case, I’m on day two of trying to get this to work in Windows 7 so that I can do my homework and for the first time, it looks like I won’t be submitting an assignment this week! Lets see…. A Microsoft prodict that won’t run on a Microsoft OS….. what’s wrong with this picture?

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