Samsung NC10 RAM memory upgrade

Samsung NC10 RAM memory upgrade

Today I bought a new 2GB memory module (Kingston M25664G60, 2GB, SDIO) for my Samsung NC10. I thought it was a good idea to upgrade from 1GB to 2GB. replacing the memory was a piece-of-cake I thought.

When I unscrewed the memory screw on the cap which covers the memory did not came off. I did not want to break it so I was very gentle with the force I used to bend it. I decided to search the web for information about the amount of force the memory cap could handle. I found a tutorial (with video) showing how to replace the memory. It turned out that you really need to put some force on the cap, and finally I managed to replace the memory 🙂

If you are running Linux and you are wondering about the amount of  RAM in your system has, just execute:

$ free -mt
2GB memory instead of 1GB
2GB memory instead of 1GB

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  1. Heh, I just upgraded the memory in my girlfriends EEE PC 1000H this morning, also from 1GB to 2GB.

    Found out that the harddisk, memory and wifi card are all reachable by unscrewing just two screws on the bottom of the laptop. I also had to pull on the little “panel” quite hard, went to check for screws hidden beneath “warranty void if broken” stickers two times, but there weren’t any. Just had to use brute force…

  2. Thanks for that. The video helped a lot. To help clarify for others who may come across this and fear snapping small plastic parts:

    The NC10 memory panel is held on by the screw at one end, tabs at the other end and at the center, on each side. The tabs at the end simply slide in/out. The center tabs snap in/out. Once you remove the screw, slide your finger or thumb under as close to the center tabs as possible and pull straight up, gently yet firmly. (Do not slide in any direction.) This should keep plastic from breaking.

    Also, to view the memory, regardless of OS, do what they guy did in the video. Press F2 while booting to get to the BIOS. The MAIN page has the memory info right there.

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