Newly tasted Whiskies

Newly tasted Whiskies

A few weeks ago I went whisky tasting with a friend of mine. Our target was a small whisky cafe called L&B. This cafe is located in Amsterdam, roughly 20 minutes walking from the central station. Since we both are new into whisky, we decided to order a so called “menu”. This menu contains three glasses each approximately containing 2cl of whisky…

Our menus
Our ordered menus

The nice thing about these menus is the possibility of tasting more than one whisky on an evening. Since these whiskies do all have a alcohol percentage greater than 40%, it is not recommended to drink three full-filled glasses in a very short period 😉

I chose for a (custom made) menu containing:

  1. Balvenie 12yo (Speyside)
  2. Old Pulteney 12yo (Highland)
  3. Laphroaig 10yo (Islay)

My friend had the following menu:

  1. Balvenie 12yo (Speyside)
  2. Old Pulteney 12yo (Highland)
  3. Ardbeg 10yo (Islay)

This menu contained different tastes from different parts of Scotland. The bartender recommended to taste the whiskies in the same order as specified, this because the tastes of the whiskies go from light to strong flavors. Drinking in the opposite order would mess up the taste of the first one since the taste of the last drunk whisky is still in your mouth.

The most remarkable taste for me was the Laphroig. It had a smooth peaty taste (I come back on the peaty taste in a future blog post) which was stronger than the Teacher’s, but softer than the Ardbeg 10yo (which is still my favorite because of its very peaty taste).

For those interested: As one can see we ordered a Coke as well, but do not want to mix the taste of the Coke with the whiskies. Therefore the bartender gave us a glass of water as well. Before taking a sip of our whisky we first drunk some water.

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