How to start drinking whisky?

How to start drinking whisky?

Since three weeks I started to drink whisky. A good friend of mine took me to the whisky cafe L&B in Amsterdam and told me a lot about it. The next day I started to Google around for more information  about the world of whisky. It turns out (as with most subjects) there is plenty of very well written information. Since everyone needs to start somewhere, I started at Wikipedia. For this blog I thought it would be fun to share my experienced and provide some information and links about this topic.

Glencairn whisky glass

A funny fact to get start with is there are a tremendous different kinds of whisky in the market, all with their own taste and specialities. When reading about whisky, I started to figure out the difference between “Whisky” and “Whiskey”. Generally spoken, whisky means the Scotch or Canadian whiskies and Whiskey means the whiskies from Ireland or America. Since you now know the difference between whisky and whiskey we can continue with the different glasses used. The next whisky post will be on this topic…

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